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Geographic Situation

As the westernmost country of the Maghreb region, Morocco offers great geographical diversity. Set between the Mediterranean Sea to the north and the Atlantic Ocean to the west, the country unrolls a long mountainous strip from east to west then sinks to the south into the sands of Mauritania.

The landscapes are abundant and breathtaking: dizzying snow-capped peaks of the High Atlas, steep and ravine massifs of the Rif, dense forests of cork oaks and cedars of the Central Plateau, fertile plains of the Meseta, arid lands of the High Plateaux, semi-desert steppes and luxuriant oases landscapes of the Souss basin, sand dunes of the Sahara, impressive cliffs of the coast.


A country of contrasts, everything here is magical!​

The Moroccan climate is both Mediterranean and Atlantic with a dry and hot season coupled with a cold and wet season which extends from November to February; in the interior of the country the climate varies according to the altitude. Summers are hot and dry especially when the burning sirocco or chergui summer winds blow from the Sahara. On the Atlantic coast the climate is temperate all year round.

Departures for fishing are either from Mohammedia or Rabat depending on the observed migration of the fish so as to minimize the distances to reach the fishing points, thus optimizing the fishing time.

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