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Accomodation & Activities

Fishing departures being made either from the Marina of Mohammedia or from the Marina of Bouregreg in Rabat according to our logistical decisions, several accommodation options are available in the both cities. We can manage your hotel reservations and we will take care of your transfers between the marina and the hotel.

Here are some hotel recommendations :

  • Mohammedia

  • Rabat

Mohammedia Hotels

Novotel Mohammedia Hotel

avanti Mohammedia.jpg

Avanti Mohammedia Hotel

Rabat Hotels


Fairmont La Marina Rabat Sale Hotel And Residences


Dar El Kebira


La Tour Hassan Palace


For activities, we recommend the following :


  • Surf casting fishing on one of the beautiful beaches the city has to offer

  • Surfing or bodyboarding

  • Golfing (Royal Golf de Mohammedia, one of the oldest golf courses in Morocco) 

  • Restaurant du Port


  • Numerous wonderful museums (Mohammed VI Modern and Contemporary Art Museum, Dolls of the World Museum, National Museum of Photography)

  • Forest walks/hikes (Maamora Forest)

  • Golfing (Royal Golf Dar Essalam, the most prestigious golf property in Morocco)

  • Many excellent restaurant options (Dar Zaki, Golden Fish, Restaurant Sufra)

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