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Best catches


Strait tuna... In the queue

July 9, 2017

Bluefin tuna is in the spotlight this year in northern Morocco. Two beautiful catches made by an experienced crew demonstrate the opportunity for an extraordinary fishing experience with us. The 370 and 485 pound fish were caught off Tangier in the Strait of Gibraltar. It took an epic 4 hour fight to reel in the 485 pound fish. We look forward to having you with us this summer and getting you some fish.

We did it !

July 7, 2013

What a day and what a catch!
When we left the port of Mohammedia heading north this morning, we were perhaps not expecting such a day. Especially after a tough morning battling the wind and getting the lures to swim properly. A first touch in the morning led to a 20 minute fight that ended with the fish sprinting towards the boat and slacking off too much. Eventually, what was probably a medium-sized blue marlin managed to escape. About an hour after we relaunched the lines, a monstrous blue marlin blew a black and red lure before ferociously attacking it and jumping out. This marked the start of a 1:45 hour fight with the fish. The final result is due to the experience of the fisherman (Tanguy Perennes) and the calmness of the captain and the skipper (Mohamed Rayad). This blue marlin weighed 705 pounds. This gives the port of Mohammedia a total of 3 blue marlins in 4 weeks with many unsuccessful fights and other timid catches. We are expecting a great marlin fishing season here in Morocco as the sea water temperature continues to rise.


Blue marlin day trip

June 21, 2013

We will leave tomorrow morning from the port of Mohammedia for what we hope will be a beautiful day at sea. The other fishermen have had a few hits of blue marlin a day regularly. Our friend Jo Canale had an hour and a half fight with a huge marlin two days ago and we are about to see what happens 30 miles off the coast of Mohammedia!

705 pound blue marlin

June 9, 2013

As the sun sets 35 miles off the coast of Kenitra and the three boats taking part in the Mohammedia Blue Marlin Quest prepare to sail up the lines, Captain Christian spots something in the ocean. Very quickly, the fishermen on board the One More realize that it is a big blue marlin. Laurent Sahyoun sat in the chair and fought the fish for nearly an hour as we circled around and watched this incredibly beautiful Moroccan sunset. Earlier today aboard the Neptune we had a blue marlin strike and fight rapidly for about 15 minutes, but the fish managed to break free after slightly damaging a lure. Congratulations to Laurent and his team for this great fight, this great catch and for breaking the previous Moroccan blue marlin record held by Fouad Sahiaoui.

Mohammedia Blue Marlin Quest

June 6, 2013

With catches of blue marlin having been more frequent in recent years off the coasts of Mohammedia and Kenitra, fishermen in the port of Mohammedia embarked on a three-day quest to try to confirm the trends. It looks like there is potentially a short blue marlin fishing season in Morocco during the month of June. Three boats will take part in the event (departure tomorrow morning at 7 am): Neptune, One More and Black Marlin.

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